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  • Document in Products & Services

    Hey CSM, We have a linked drive with a load of documents linked all over Products & Services. Now we are working on moving them to SharePoint, I am trying to figure out the best way to clean up the...

  • Island/Module for Staff to Vote on Something?

    Hello, We're looking for something in the portal that might allow our staff to vote on something.  We have a sasquatch that's become something of a CU mascot and we want staff to be able to vote on...

  • Video on Loop

    Hey hey, I have an idea for a page that can be used by staff when they are feeling stressed. The focus point being this really cool gif that when played on loop can help with breathing. Is it possi...

  • Lobby management update ideas

    Hello all, I wanted to share some of the PCRs we have open for the lobby management module -A countdown or ETA for break's end, or at least some kind of time stamp when the status changes. We want ...

  • Ideas for updates to Expense Reporting module

    Hello all, I wanted to get some of our PCRs for the Expense Report module out in the world to see what others think or if they have tips and tricks they can provide. -Search feature that would allo...