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    Sarah Steele

    iQ - back with the questions that make us THINK!! :)


    Yes - you can toss .gif into a PTE. I've done it, though fair warning - it CAN slow that page in a portal down a touch on load.  Just add the animated image as you normally would using the "Insert Image" tool in the Design Mode of PTE.  Easy peasy.


    I've also seen select YouTube LIVE videos embedded - the Shark Cam  (from the Monterey Bay Jellyfish  (from the Mo'Bay Aquarium) and the International Space Station (from NASA) are all pretty soothing, IMHO.  YouTube gives you the embed code (Hit share, choose Embed, adjust if you like, pop that into the HTML side of a PTE) so it's super easy.


    I ALSO want to see you post the final design!!  :)

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    eServices Support

    Great ideas, in fact those YouTube channels might be helpful for my page. For the video, I think I sorted out a way to do it. I converted it to a gif on Giphy then used an iView island to house the URL. Seems to be auto playing when I go to the page and its not slowing anything down!

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    Cameron Campbell

    Awesome! I will say though, Sarah, I don't know if I would classify the Shark Video as "soothing" Ha! :) 

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