Dear CSM : Do you have a visual reference of layout positions?

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    Rachelle Orozco

    Hi Heidi, there isn't anything "pre-loaded" in your portal (though that's not a bad idea!).  However, I pulled together a quick wireframe of our internal portal, ATLAS, showing all the default versions turned on (with the exception being our banner already customized). Please let me know if this helps!

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    Rachelle Orozco

    I can also send you a copy via email if the above is a bit too small to see. 

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    Heidi Nelson

    OH this is perfect!

    Yes, via email would be helpful.



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    Sarah Steele

    Just my $.02 from a design standpoint...

    Having a Custom banner *and* the Dropdown toolbar *and* Horizontal Navigation *and* Content Header? That's a LOT on the top. Maybe talk to a CSM about how to make some of those items skinnier/shorter, or how to reduce duplication.  I'm afraid that if you load it all up - especially on a screen resolution that is wide and short, your whole portal will be the top frame! :)

    We've seen it done really well (Genesee comes to mind...) with a lot up there. Let me go ask nicely if they'll share screens shots!





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