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    Emily Tallon (no longer w/ org)

    Hi Sarah,

    That might work for our CEO conversations, but we also use conversations for engagement events. We ask people questions based on the theme, and they respond to win prizes. It's not an ongoing blog conversation - we usually hide the forum once the event ends.  

    When we gave out movie tickets and asked people what movies they planned to see, we had so many people create new threads instead of replying that my original question was lost (attached image).

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    Sarah Steele

    Hey Emily!

    This is Sarah (and I'm new here) but I wanted to mention one of the new features with OnSemble 6.0: Management Blogs. This tool might work better for you than Conversations, especially for Leadership Level discussion points.

    This link will take you to the Management Blogs User Guide. Take a peek and let me know what you think?




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