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    Jessie Laszewski

    We would also like to see that enhancement, as we are encountering the same issue.

    Another suggestion we would like is be able to Subscribe the users to the Forum when it is created (similar to how you can do with the Management Blog) & then the users could edit or modify there subscription from there.  We find that users are not aware that a new forum is created so it is not getting any interaction.

    When creating the forum you would select the Members, Moderators & Subscribers.  Then users could go into their subscriptions & choose to unsubscribe or update their subscription preferences for that forum.

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    Natasha Ataiiyan

    Agreed Jessie, that would also be a welcome enhancement. 

    We're finding that even posting an Announcement letting staff know that they need to subscribe is not enough-if they could automatically be subscribed if they are a designated member, and then have the option to unsubscribe on their own it would greatly help.

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