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    Meredith Pettet

    Hello again, Elizabeth! You actually can have a text only item on the carousel island while using the image frame. What you would do is add the image frame, edit the frame, clear the image url path field. That's all! Now you can enter whatever text and format it to your liking. 

    As for the visualization frame, we have had requests for the ability to see the labels, but you can also do the steps outlined above or add a PTE (more formatting options) to describe what the visualization is displaying and the ultimate goal. 

    Internally, we use the user profile frame to introduce new employees with a PTE above saying to welcome the new hires, we're excited for them to be with the Passageways family, etc. 

    I hope this information is helpful! Hopefully some other users will provide use cases within their own organizations as well!

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    Elizabeth Phillips

    Thanks for the feedback!

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