Earned badges visible on User Profile


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    Derrick Gebhard

    I like this idea.  A couple of years ago I discussed this topic with the Passageways Committee that I was running at the time.  One of the associates used the example of Call of Duty or other video games where you earn badges for doing certain things.

    We had thought about implementing something for things like 'Provided Feedback' (on an incorrect procedure/error on a passageways page), you are a 'Knowledge Base User' if they used a KB article to fix an issue they were having, along with a load of other items that we could give badges for.

    We were mainly focused on keeping associates active within Passageways but I see how this could branch out into adding badges for external activities.

    IMO this system would not only give associates something to work towards for rewards, but also allow Passageways Admins/Managers see who are their 'top performers' and allow them to build a target audience for any focus groups they would like to assemble for new features/content.

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    Chris Jones

    SalesForce does this with their "Trailhead" program.  https://trailhead.salesforce.com/

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