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    Anne Wertz

    We are currently working on a calendar update to increase the number of events that will show on the calendar on the Month View.   We changed the default to show 30 events and have added a configuration option as well.   This will be coming in Calendar 6.0.3 when it is released.  

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    Charlene DeRose

    I'm just noticing my spelling and grammar errors and it's annoying me. I apologize. :-)

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    Natasha Ataiiyan

    I would have to say that we agree-but to add that we're not sold on the styling, and one of the big reasons we are holding back with not launching to 6.0 is because of the calendar. 

    We see the effort and what was trying to be accomplished with the new styling, but unfortunately is not usable in its current state. 

    On any given day we can have a minimum of 10 events on the calendar, and upwards of 20 during the Holidays.  We need to be able to see at a glance who is out/on vacation for scheduling purposes; only being able to see 2 events, and then a hard-to-view option when viewing all, will not work for us.  Attached is a screenshot demonstrating what this would like during the Holidays for us.

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    Brad Downs

    I noticed the same issue after we upgraded our calendar. I discovered a way (in the current 6.02 version) to avoid having the event show up as Natasha pictured. The trick is to check the "All day" box when creating the event or editing it afterwards. Once you do this, the event will show up in the "all day" section at the top of the calendar.

    As an example, I have attached 3 images. Here are two events scheduled for the entire day via start and end time and the "All day" button NOT checked.

    Now I'm modifying the event on the 10th by checking the All day box.
    After saving this change Jesse's 4/10 event shows up as small bar at top of calendar.  Hope this helps others who have Ensemble 6. already installed. This could still hold true after the 6.03 update. 


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