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    Sarah Steele

    Hey Tina!

    We *can* turn off the Commenting for all Blogs!  It does remove the ability to comment from ALL Blogs (it's an "app wide" sort of thing) and has to be done via the CSS of the tool, so we need server access to perform the change. You can get with your CSM to open a Support Ticket and we will be happy to assist you!


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    Elizabeth Phillips

    In my opinion, anonymous commenting can lead to problems. I would want staff to be identified in order to leave a comment. If you can't stand behind your comment, you probably shouldn't say it.

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    Tina Harris

    At this time, I don't see a need for anonymous commenting, rather our HR department will not allow us to use blogs unless we get rid of the comments section altogether. I would really like to use blogs, but at this time, we have to create our own news pages. The downside to that is we are not easily able to offer access to archive stories.

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    Tina Harris


    That is great news! Thanks for sharing. I will verify with our HR that we can run with a blog before I start a ticket!

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