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    Anne Wertz

    Hello Brenda,

    This sounds like a very interesting idea.  I would like to hear more about it.   Could you give a specific example of a procedure that this would affect?   How many of your procedures need to be 'protected'?  

    We love hearing ideas that may improve our products.   

    Anne Wertz Deno

    OnSemble Product Manager


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    Rachelle Orozco

    Hi Brenda! 


    Thank you for your great idea. I'm not sure if you ever spoke with Anne, but I went through your Feature Requests and didn't see this one there. So, I have opened a request  in order to ensure our Product Team has an opportunity to review this in the future. You should get an email notification. I'll go ahead and close this up for comments for immediate purposes. Please reach out to your CSM if you would like to discuss in further detail!


    Thanks again!

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