Do you need Portal Notifications in Plain Text? (Option)


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    We use the HTML/Rich Text feature, but our IT staff also has the same concerns. They're playing with different ideas to standardize "safe" links in emails, which will cause issues with our email notifications.


    We haven't upgraded to 6.0 yet, so I don't know if this has already been fixed, but the notification emails send as a "Portal Alert" and say "The portal sent you a message. The Portal said:" This is very confusing for our staff since we have only ever referred to our portal as the Hub. Some control over what the notification says/looks like would be very helpful. The email alerts do look a lot like the emails in our phishing awareness campaigns, and the line about receiving emails from your Passageways Portal with a link throws major red flags since maybe 10 of our 700 employees know what the "Passageways Portal" even is. When we requested a change, we were told that was hardcoded into the alert.


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