Where Are My Background Images Stored in Rackspace?



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    Sarah Steele

    Hey Tom! Great question - I had to ask for the answer, and here's what I know...

    You are on Rackspace, so your pictures are in the "File Cabinet" but that's not something you will have access to. Our Tech Support team can help you get in there if you absolutely need to, but honestly, it will probably be easier and take less time for you to simply re-upload.

    I'm ALSO going to open a Feature Request  for an easy spot to go to to see "Images uploaded to portal" - perhaps with thumbnails?  I will mark this as a higher priority.*

    Best practice going forward (and I do this myself in our demo portals) is that if I know I'm going to be "re-using" an image very often, I have two things I can do.

    • Upload the picture to Portal Docs - get with your CSM if you need help here
    • Steal the URL from a PTE where I've used it before (see example below)


    Example : I want to use that same check mark and bug icon in various places in this table (and elsewhere!) but maybe I didn't make this page and have no idea where the original images are stored.

    If I switch to HTML mode, I can "see" where the portal has stashed those images by looking for the img tag. I can re-use that URL if I need to. 

    *Is this a feature you want in YOUR portal? Rackspace or no, I think it would ROCK!! Let your CSM know and we will get your name added to that ticket! #helpmakeachange

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