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Calendar event




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    Anne Wertz

    Hi Naomi,

    I was just reading your ideas for Calendar Events.  These are great !   Just to clarify, the business need for item 1 is for the end user to access the details of the event itself all on one screen with the action items of sign up, download to calendar, etc.   

    The event manager can see these details by right-clicking on the event and selecting Manage Enrollment.    Maybe we could but message are here for the waiting this so it could be modified as needed.   

    I would love to hear from others if these suggestions would be beneficial to them as well.  

    Thanks for the post!   Keep the great ideas coming!

    Anne Deno,  VP Tech Support / OnSemble PM



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    Kara Collins

    The wait list with the Calendar is one of our pain points. Unless the correct user preferences are enabled, users do not realize they are on the wait list. This becomes a manual process for the event manager as far as reviewing and contacting users on the wait list. We would love for the wait list status to be more clear at the time of sign-up. As Naomi mentioned, having a message appear at the time the user is attempting to sign-up, indicating the time slot is full, would be very practical. Also having an option in the New Appointment window to prevent users from being added to a wait list could be very beneficial. There is a Maximum Sign-Ups field, however nothing to prevent users from being added to a wait list.

    Thank you for your time!

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