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    Sarah Steele

    Hey Natasha!!

    We did "sneak peek" at creating new layouts in the Spring off Road!! (good catch!) but some of what you saw is in development and is not as quite as easy as some of the other customizations (the new sidebar buttons, or custom drop drowns, for example)  

    Here's our suggestion for now (and will update this post as Passageways continues to make future developments and improvements!!)

    1. Get with your CSM -  we have learned some great ways to adjust the existing choices that are already safe.

    2. After that call, if those tricks won't create what you are looking for, we might be able to you into a group that is testing the new ability to adjust layouts.

    2. Keep in mind, the layouts are in columns, and must equal 100% - the one you saw was an 80/20 split (rather than the normal 50/50)  So we can't do 50/50/50/50 - but there could be a possibility of 25/25/25/25, or 25/50/25 for example.

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    Rachelle Orozco

    Also, I thought it would be helpful to include the link to the Spring Off-Road Post, so here is that for anyone who would like to see the recording/tips shared!


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