Dear CSM : Should this be a Workgroup Page or Public Page?




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    Sarah Steele

    That's an awesome question!

    I checked with Courtney Felt, our Implementation Manager and she and I agree : It's all about the Content Owner. Here's an example:


    Chad is a Branch Manager. He has no portal responsibilities, but he is leading a "Habitat for Humanity" project after hours that the credit union is assisting with. Leadership has decided that this project needs two pages in the portal : One for everyone in the credit union to see pictures of the house, share congratulations and participate in the Event Calendar. The second page will have a Help Desk for Q&A, a place to track volunteer hours donated and additional resources for the volunteers to access.

    Tracy is on the Portal Team. She manages page design and the "ALL STAFF" information pages. 

    Susie is the head of HR. She manages all the content in the "DEPT - HR" Workgroup.

    I don't think I'd be comfortable giving Chad Assistant Manager access to the "ALL STAFF" or the "DEPT - HR" workgroup just so he can update the Habitat for Humanity stuff. (Plus he'd need to be trained on portal page building, etc etc)  

    So - in this case, I'd suggest that Chad provide Tracy with all of the photos and fun stuff. She can create an awesome page in "ALL STAFF" to keep all of the employees engaged and enthusiastic. Maybe even add a link directly from the landing page.

    Susie, as head of HR, will be managing the Help Desk Q&A, tracking the volunteer hours, etc. That page (probably only accessed by people who are participating or might be interested in participating) should in the "DEPT - HR" workgroup, and simply made public. She can make the page private again after the event is over.


    Here's another simplified way to look at it : The person who will be updating and managing changes needs to be an Assistant Manager of the workgroup where the content lives. Don't alter portal permissions to accommodate this; just make the page public.

    Also - All Staff should be things relevant or at least interesting to All Staff. 

    Good luck!!




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    Heidi Nelson

    Thanks. That helps!


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