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    Kathy McCharen

    I think if you could create a folder where we could save meeting templates, that would be a big help. I have to save a copy of templates every other month or so just so that I don't have to scroll all the way back to the beginning.

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    Jen Helmueller

    It would be great to be able to move uploaded documents into other folders i.e.: a retired documents folder.  Also, it would be great to see what documents are checked out editing via the in the Portal Documents. 

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    Natasha Ataiiyan

    Agreed with Jen: an ability to move a document from one folder to another (would come in handy if I accidentally upload to the wrong folder, instead of deleting and uploading again, I could just move it), and also an easy way to view if a document is currently checked out.

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    Jessie Laszewski

    It would be helpful to see  who has the document checked out, currently you only see this if the document is locked.

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    Jessie Laszewski


    We are newer to do the documents portion of the portal & are in the process of migrating our documents over from SharePoint (we do not want to use the SharePoint connector as we are going to be getting rid of SP).  The current process to Edit or Check Out/In the documents is tedious, and has delayed us.  It would be helpful to have the ability to check out/in the document when you open & close the document (If you have the writer role), instead of having to go back to the Document Repository.


    Current process:
    1. Open navigation, go to Portal Documents
    2. Find the document in the appropriate folder
    3. Hover to get the dropdown menu
    4. Check out
    5. Click on document to open it
    6. Make needed changes, save, close
    7. If applicable, repeat steps 1-3
    8. Check In
    9. Now document shows as locked
    10. Hover to get the dropdown menu
    11. Select Unlock


    This process should be as simple as:
    1. Open document from anywhere in the portal
    2. If I have a writer role, at the top of the document where the Protected View message usually shows I will see 'Check Out' option
    3. Click this, make my needed changes, save, close
    4. When closing the document receive a prompt to Check in, No or Cancel.  Yes, option to add comment on changes, document is checked in & done. No, the document will close but remain checked out/locked. Cancel, you go back to the document.

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    Anne Fuentes

    Drag and drop between folders, searchable document content. 

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